Fuchs Umwelttechnik – with us you will always be on the leading edge!

With every breath we take we inhale about 2 litres of air into our lungs. Every minute, day and night – our whole life, with no interruption. Clean air is indispensable for all of us. It keeps us alive.

These considerations resulted in the basic idea to place all the know-how and experience of Fuchs Umwelttechnik at the service to keep the air clean by developing and manufacturing extraction and filter units. This is linked to the indispensable protection of health and safety for all workplaces that are exposed to air pollutants. Clean air at the workplace – clean air for healthy, motivated employees – clean air for complex technical production processes.

Fuchs Umwelttechnik points the way with advanced solutions for various problems caused by air pollutants. This quality-claim starts with design, the selection of first-class materials and resources, and continues with the complete production process ending with comprehensive servicing and practical, well conceived accessories.