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Oil Mist Application on Cleaning Station INR21700

The customer application presented here represents a stand-alone solution for a cleaning station. Small rotating parts made of copper-beryllium which were previously contaminated by oil in the automatic long lathe are cleaned manually in a screen with compressed air. The oil mist is extracted directly below the screens and fed to the filters in the extractor. In the first stage, the oil is separated at a metal mesh filter and an F7 pre-filter of oil-repellent media and drips into the oil tray provided which also serves at the same time as an expansion space for the raw gas. Then fine dusts and mists can be separated at an H13 floating particle filter. In the last stage the gas emissions are then adsorbed at two activated carbon filters which are filled with special activated carbon for the copper-beryllium.

The device can therefore be installed safely in circulating air operation and used as a cleaning station in very different industrial sectors.

Technical data

Connection values:
Filter equipment:

Extraction connections:

1.110 x 600 x 2.200 mm (L x W x H)
Strom 400 V / 50 Hz
1 metal mesh filter
1 F7 pre-filter (oil-repellent)
1 H13 floating particle filter
2 gas filters
1 x 200 mm standard width
approx. 200 kg