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The perfect combination of laser protection booth and extraction and filtering technology

The situation at the customer's: Motor after motor runs over an assembly line in a three-minute cycle. Fully automatically from one production section to another.

Laser labelling station: Here, in a first step, a 3-axes hybrid labelling laser (Nd:YV04 laser) machines a smooth area into the rough surface of the die-cast aluminium motor casing. In the second step, the laser writes the DMC code and plain text in this field. These processes create a large quantity of aluminium waste which must be safely disposed of.

From these specifications, the engineers of Fuchs Umwelttechnik developed a sophisticated solution which operates safely, efficiently and uncomplicatedly: the laser protection booth LSKA01.

This Performance Level D-certified booth with high-quality covers made from 2 mm thick sheet modules guarantees a 1 m3 safety zone for laser class 4. Two pneumatic lift doors are opened by non-contact limit switches to load and unload the motor casing. Controlled by high-quality components, in accordance with the functional specification document, these doors provide a hermetic, light -tight screen. During the laser process inside the booth, the TKFVA 320 type extraction and filtering device collects and effectively filters all emissions with full flow optimisation. Perfect interaction between the laser protection booth LSKA01 and the filter technology because this very TKFVA 320 type extraction and filtering device is first choice for filtering of aluminium dusts.

The complete system operates integrated into the customer's in-house control system. Monitoring and operation take place centrally. Signal lamps on the outside indicate the standby states of the laser on the inside. If maintenance work, for example on the laser, is necessary, the monitored side panels of the booth can be removed for free access. As for all our projects, the engineers placed great emphasis with this laser protection booth on maintaining the customer's smooth and trouble-free work process.

The LSKA01 type laser protection booth – another sophisticated total solution from Fuchs Umwelttechnik