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The disinfection box – The way to eliminate viruses, bacteria and germs from masks, safety clothing and tools

Masks became a common picture in 2020. We wear them as protection against harmful aerosols in our daily routine and working environment.
But even the best masks become contaminated after a short while …
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Forget all about germs in the ambient air and work again safely and without constantly freezing from now on because

our new draught-free, safety room ventilation – the clean air system – efficiently reduces the aerosol contamination and therefore the airing frequency during the cold season.

Thanks to the …

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The solution to the battle against viruses, germs and bacteria in the ambient air

The current problems of these times of crisis demand solutions that will bring back safety and normality for all of us.
We are now able to present one of these solutions to you.
Our new Photokat module …
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ABKAB04 – Extraction booth

The extraction booth that's got what it takes

Fully enclosed, powder-coated, sheet steel walls in combination with a lightweight but sturdy aluminium frame, that's what our newly developed ABKAB04 …

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