New products from Fuchs Umwelttechnik - and we are already working on the next topic

The solution to the battle against viruses, germs and bacteria in the ambient air

The current problems of these times of crisis demand solutions that will bring back safety and normality for all of us.
We are now able to present one of these solutions to you.
Our new Photokat module …
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ABKAB04 – Extraction booth

The extraction booth that's got what it takes

Fully enclosed, powder-coated, sheet steel walls in combination with a lightweight but sturdy aluminium frame, that's what our newly developed ABKAB04 …

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Newly developed ABKABIKF1 extraction booth on IKF device

Efficiency can be so simple
Want to extract dusts or solvents effectively? Ideally with a safe, enclosed booth? And with as little space and effort as possible?
The engineers at Fuchs Umwelttechnik …
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Newly developed MKFSD22S extraction nozzle slit

Aerodynamics over the whole width

Turning fluid dynamics into functional aerodynamics requires that finishing touch. We now present that finishing touch: the new MKFSD22S extraction nozzle slit.
It …

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