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filter unis with easy-change filter INR 22400

INR22400 For mobile or stationary applications

  • very low noise
  • with integrated preliminary separation system
  • also designed to handle oil or emulsion mist
  • different air flow rates
  • very high quality standard, not only for sporadic applications but also for continuous duty
  • the filtered air can be recirculated in the room – this dispenses with installation of waste air ducts, minimises costs and increases health safety and environmental protection
  • highly suitable for one or several extraction points
  • dimensions 660 x 670 x 2100 mm (L x W x H)


  • marking and engraving lasers
  • cutting and welding lasers
  • soldering and welding fumes
  • fine particles, fumes
  • solvents and adhesive vapours
  • oil mist, emulsion mist

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