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Wechselfiltergerät TKF335T.1

TKF335T.1 Compact power with a wide variety of possibilities

  • the FUCHS Umwelttechnik multi-stage filter combinations guarantee sustained high filter capacity
  • Optimised dimensions: the device can easily be integrated under a table, in 19-inch slots or into machine housings
  • Flexibility creates freedom – a variety of fans can be used depending on the application
  • Mobility guaranteed: the TKF335T.1 can also be transported in the boot without disassembly
  • where necessary, the use of different fans is possible
  • visible safety: LEDs on the control panel show the filter saturation.
  • Dimensions 715 x 385 x 465 mm (L x W x H)

Areas of application

  • Small labelling lasers
  • Small engraving lasers
  • Welding applications
  • Solder fumes, electronics production
  • Solvent fumes, adhesive fumes

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