Invisible and extremely dangerous

Whether solid or gaseous – the list of pollutants is long

Pollutants which our filters eliminate

Eroding mist
Emulsion mist / oil mist
Laser emissions
Solvent fumes
Solder fumes
Plasma emissions
Pollutants from restoration work
Welding smoke
Viruses, germs and bacteria

Your pollutant is not on the list? Then feel free to contact us directly. We will find the right solution.

Whether solid or gaseous

It is he law that each substance has its maximum concentration for workplaces. This concentration must not be exceeded because these pollutants may cause severe health damages. A desease deriving from pollutants may not be noticed at a first glance but has negative repercussions after years. To be on the safe side we recommend to take precautions. The following overview represents the most frequent pollutants that may appear at workplaces.

Do you have further questions on behalf of the extraction of those pollutants? Just click on the pollutant concerned and describe your on-site-situation via the questionnaire. After the evaluation of the questionnaire we work out a tailored solution for the extraction of the arising pollutants in your production process.