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The Fuchs Umwelttechik FAQ list

Please find a list of customer concerns and relating answers from our experts.

  • Why filtering units from Fuchs Umwelttechnik?

    It is an investment that helps us all to make our world cleaner and healthier - and to make the future worth living for generations to come.
    You are investing now to obtain the solution to your present emission needs.
    Even if your requirements change at a later date, we can still modify the equipment for you.

  • Is a suitable unit available for every pollutant?

    Our task definition starts with your specifications.
    We engineer the solution to meet your requirements, instead of adapting a workaround based on our products.
    All the parameters are tuned to achieve a reliable solution with which you are satisfied.

  • How does Fuchs Umwelttechnik manage to find a suitable solution for all the customer’s problems?

    Modular systems are the basis for the end-user to obtain extremely flexible, low-cost solutions.
    It provides a pool to create many different variations and expansion stages.
    Based on our range of products, we can find the best solution for any problem. Modular systems have been the key to our success since 1986.

  • How is the quality of the units assured?

    From design through to production, we pay close attention to every detail relating to our filter systems.
    This is how we can achieve top quality for each extraction and filter unit that leaves our production plant.
    All the components are finely tuned (extraction nozzle, extraction unit, filter) to detect and filter pollutants as efficiently as possible.
    This requires simple, but practical processing systems.

  • What is the price-performance ratio like?

    The modular systems that we produce are high-performance, reliable filter systems that are still affordable.
    We apply our principle of efficient and economic design to all our solutions, including customized designs.
    The modular system provides a precise, customized solution tailored to your technical and emission environment without the need for on-site optimization and adaptation work.

  • Can a unit be used for other pollutants than that it was originally intended for if necessary?

    If you purchase an extraction and filter system from Fuchs Umwelttechnik for extracting and filtering laser emissions, you can convert and modify the system at a later date if your requirements change.
    For example, you may need to extract and filter fumes or other air pollutants such as erosion mist, adhesive vapor, or solvent vapor.
    Fuchs extraction and filter systems are always a sound investment which have a rapid RIO. For you, this means a low-cost, flexible solution.

  • Do the extraction and filtering units save energy?

    Precisely in times of constantly rising energy prices, it is worthwhile to invest in high-efficiency, energy-saving equipment:
    extraction systems tailor-made to your needs using intelligent technology from Fuchs Umwelttechnik:
    You always have exactly the right performance available that you need - no more than that!
    This saves a lot of expensive energy and keeps your costs low.

  • Do the pollutants remain completely in the filtering unit?

    The best performance data are useless if even a fraction of the filtered pollutants is allowed to escape.
    For this reason, the key factor is the perfect tightness of all components in all extraction and filter units from Fuchs Umwelttechnik.
    This is the basis for your safety and health and guarantees a clean environment

  • Are special systems with individual solutions possible?

    No problem! The know-how and engineering skills of the planning professionals at Fuchs Umwelttechnik are the key; the special system is the result.