And especially afterwards

Our solutions adapt to the circumstances and not vice versa

Service begins with the first customer contact…

Consulting for the purchase or expansion of existing devices or systems at Fuchs Umwelttechnik is provided exclusively by our qualified engineers. They put together the necessary modules of the extraction and filtering units and look after every detail – for the perfect solution. They will provide you with professional support from the first contact to the delivery and commissioning of the unit on site. And, naturally, our comprehensive service remains available to you after the purchase to guarantee you the certainty of an optimally functioning extraction and filtering unit at all times.

Qualified maintenance through Fuchs Umwelttechnik

That your extraction and filtering system always are in a good status we can quote a qualified maintenance!

Planned attendance work contents checking:

  • installed filter elements and if necessary to change
  • filter monitoring and the electronic
  • sealing of the filter elements and on the housing
  • suction tube and pipes
  • suction effect and the blower
  • final check and test

Attendance can be done in your facility or at us after sending to us your extraction unit!