The safety package in a class of its own
mit KFS, KKF, TKFD, MKF, IKF, IF, INR320, INR 20

Our interchangeable filtering devices
Brief overview

The interchangeable filtering devices from Fuchs Umwelttechnik are ideal when the filter service lives are between four and eight weeks and emissions up to 3,240 m3/h are to be treated.

The interchangeable filtering devices from Fuchs Umwelttechnik work on the basis of multi-staged filtering with different filter inserts. With our modular system, we adapt the filter inserts perfectly to achieve the optimum efficiency for the respective application. The best materials permanently ensure maximum filtering performance over long device service lives. This gives you the certainty of extracting all accumulated air pollutants completely.

Energy efficient and sustainable

Every interchangeable filtering device works highly efficiently with the least possible energy consumption thanks to its perfect adaptation and the implemented extraction and filtering technology. This helps you to cut costs and increase profitability in the long term while making a contribution to climate protection. Substantially built and equipped with top-class components, our extraction and filtering devices are long-lasting endurance runners. The modular design enables adaptations and extensions; further developments can be added easily. This allows you to operate every extraction and filtering device on a long-term, sustainable basis.

Absolutely safe operation is also guaranteed by the automatic filter monitoring, for the pre-filter and main filter separately. The easily comprehensible filter life display by two LED bargraphs enhances the operating convenience with a clear, language-neutral symbolic display. The performance is continuously adjustable. All motors are designed for continuous operation.

Network safety feature

Equipped for optimum networkability, our interchangeable filtering devices can be perfectly integrated into systems and can transfer all relevant messages in real time, e.g. to your smart phone.