Mar 2023

Cyclone Pre-separator Module TKFVAZ02
with Filling Level Monitoring – Ideal for Coarser Particles

The initial situation at the customer's: Stainless-steel sheets are punched on two fully automatic stations. Then, also larger material residues must be sucked off through the punching die and removed in the suction air stream.
To meet these demands, Fuchs Umwelttechnik developed the following two-part solution for the internationally active manufacturer of automatic production lines:
The KKF207.1 high-pressure extraction and filtering device for normal emission sizes combined with the cyclone pre-separator module and built-in filling level monitoring for coarse particles.

Mode of operation: On the punching station, the air stream of the KKF207.1 high-pressure extraction and filtering device collects up all emissions and removes them through an extraction line. Connected to this is the cyclone pre-separator module which first separates all coarser particles. The finer substances flow on into the extraction and filtering device.


The advantages of the TKFVAZ02 pre-separator module:

  • The filter systems for the finer emissions in the extraction and filtering device are not prematurely blocked up by coarser particles.
  • If larger particles consist of metals such as stainless steel, copper or others, for example, these can be recycled later from the collection container.
  • The integrated filling level monitoring ensures high process reliability. With this, the TKFVAZ02 cyclone pre-separator modules can be integrated smoothly into automatic production processes.


The TKFVAZ02 pre-separator module from Fuchs Umwelttechnik is the ideal addition when larger particles need to be extracted during production.


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