Apr 2024

E-Mobility – pollution problems when stripping insulation from the hairpin? We solve them.

Although driving electric vehicles creates no exhaust gases, there are still toxic and highly inflammable air emissions to be eliminated in electric motor construction.

The problem:

For fitting to the stators or rotors of electric motors, the insulation of the copper hairpins is partially removed by lasering or milling. This creates harmful emissions but also fire risks because the temperature-resistant, insulating plastic varnishes usually have high combustion factors and tend towards agglomeration. Attention must be paid to the spark separation when stripping the insulation with lasers. Sticky residues make a precoating necessary.

Our solution:

The MKFV / INRV / IFVA extraction units are the ideal basis for the large emission quantities and volume flows that occur. We supplement these with fire protection measures such as inerting, horizontal spark separator or CO2 extinguishing systems. All parts that come into contact with emissions such as paints, filters, hoses, etc. are installed in ESD versions as a further safety feature.

The conclusion:

Especially where special processes of new technologies and the material used therein are concerned, Fuchs Umwelttechnik is the ideal partner for sophisticated, effective special extraction solutions which can offer the right solution for every requirement.