Mar 2024

First-rate climate!
No plastic vapours in the climate cabinet – the mobile extraction and filtering device
MKF625.1 with MKFFA4

Our engineers have developed the tailor-made solution for the collection and filtering of harmful vapours, smells or also melted particles which occur in different continuous tests with PA and PP plastics in climate cabinets. MKFFA4 for climate cabinet in connection with the mobile extraction and filtering device MKF625.1. The multi-stage filter equipment, consisting of a particulate filter and the gas filter, ensures efficient extraction and filtering of all pollutants in this combination.
The air rate of the MKF625.1 with MKFFA4, adapted especially to the cabinet volume of 0.27 to 1.1 m³, is 330 m³/h. This means that the device always has the right performance to suck off all emissions directly through an opening in the side of the climate cabinet. The steam temperature should remain below 40°C at all times.
Fresh air flows continuously into the inside of the cabinet through appropriate vents. If more air is required, the door can be opened safely after switching on the extraction and filtering device. The extraction flow prevents the escape of harmful substances.
The extraction and filtering device MKF625.1 with MKFFA4 on the climate cabinet operates in air circulation, but not permanently. The fitted, smooth-action castors allow the extraction and filtering device to be used on several climate cabinets.