May 2013

Fuchs Umwelttechnik P+V GmbH is outfitting the Hella Hueck company with an innovative extraction system concept

In response to special customer demands, different additional components are used based on the proven Fuchs Umwelttechnik compact MKFVA102 dust separator with two BIA tested filter cartridges.
An integrated bypass which bypasses the filter cartridges during the on-line cleaning process serves to prevent the production and extraction process at the measuring point being influenced by a possible surge of compressed air.
Another feature is the integrated, pneumatically controlled dusting unit. This module offers the possibility of blowing inert dust into the filtering device to lower the combustion factor of extracted, highly reactive dusts to an uncritical level. Since a combustion factor (classified from BZ1 to BZ6 in accordance with VDI 2263) of three and less means that the dust is self-extinguishing, not even extracted sparks or smouldering particles can cause a fire as investigations by DEKRA EXAM have shown.
Another new feature is the automatic, low contamination dust extraction which is enabled by two electrically controlled locking flaps. The defined volume between the first and second flap is monitored by a filling level sensor, i.e. the first flap opens after every filter cartridge cleaning process until the filling level sensor responds. If this is the case, the second locking flap opens and the collected dust is emptied into a PE foil bag. This process is repeated five times until the machine outputs a warning message to the operator at a defined volume. The second locking flap then stays closed until the operator has changed the foil bag and acknowledged the warning message. This ensures that the dust is disposed of without contamination at regular intervals.