Sep 2021

MKF400.1 with MKFAKR07 booth – the full size safety package

A complete set-up was asked for here. A well-known manufacturer of high quality grinding tools approached Fuchs Umwelttechnik with the task of totally isolating pollutants ensuing from the production process. These emissions occur when spraying component parts with dry lubricants and are to be collected and extracted completely to achieve optimum protection for man, machine and the environment.

Our universal solution: The MKF400.1 extraction and filtering device with the MKFAKR07 booth. This safety package, sophisticated and developed with a constant eye for the details, was tailor-made exactly for the customer's problem.
All work is now performed in the specially designed MKFAKR07 booth. A steady and specially calculated, high volume flow rate prevails inside the booth which completely and effectively extracts all dry lubricant emissions to the back. In the next step, the pollutants are fed by hoses through the MKF400 type extraction and filtering device for multi-stage filtering. After the full cleaning process, the clean air is fed out of the building.
All of these measures ensure maximum protection of staff, equipment and the environment.