Jun 2024

INRV in stainless steel –
With EX protection concept against fine dusts in laser packaging labelling

In accordance with last year's revised version of the EU directive on packaging and packaging waste, the amount of disposable and non-degradable packaging will be reduced radically or will disappear completely, which will have a great impact on some branches, especially the food and cosmetic industries.
Paper packaging as al alternative, however, may consist of a material compound, in addition to mere paper or cardboard, which presents new challenges with regard to tagging or labelling.. Labelling with laser technology is seen as the ideal option but creates new problems such as fine dusts.
Fuchs Umwelttechnik offers the solution as active support for all markets in this transformation.

In response to the high emission volumes of explosive cellulose fibres and biodegradable plastics from the composite materials, we designed the optimum device system: high-performance dust extractors of the INRV series.

Made of stainless steel with a glass bead-blasted surface, these INRV devices can also be used in the vicinity of foodstuffs.

Fire and explosion protection – we have thought of everything

The following points show the importance that we attached to protecting man and machine:

  • The EX protection concept with the completely dissipative design
  • The flameless explosion venting against uncontrolled interior dust explosions
  • Explosion decoupling of the piping
  • The explosion pressure-proof disposal unit thanks to a rotary valve

Optionally, an extinguishing device can be integrated to additionally extend the protection concept and minimise residual risks.

What performance do you need? We will supply it!

With a maximum 3,720 m³/h at a static pressing of 9,000 Pa, our most powerful version can handle even difficult conditions such as very small acquisition sources and long pipelines perfectly.
A pre-filter and the main filter with class H13 separate and filter fine dusts and suspended matter highly efficiently.
The disposal of collected pollutants is safe, simple and low in contamination.

We use our special activated carbon or chemical absorber for gaseous emissions.

Thanks to many years of experience in the collection and filtering of fine dusts from composite materials, Fuchs Umwelttechnik is also the perfect partner for large-volume, explosive or inflammable emissions with their special know-how for professional solutions – such as the new INRV stainless steel.