May 2021

Fast assembly and disassembly – the new KKF625 extraction unit with KKF625KAB fold-up booth

Do you, as an industrial company, restorer or laboratory, often have to work with solvents? What do you do with the harmful gas emissions and smells? A large, stationary extraction unit is not worth the investment or takes up too much space? But do you really have to do without effective extraction?

Not at all. Because our answer is the KKF625 – the new extraction and filtering unit with the KKF625KAB fold-up booth – fast and flexible to install yet still highly efficient. You will find our engineering know-how in every detail of this space-saving desktop device. A concept that convinces, small handy dimensions with a big performance, easy to operate and, of course, in the well-known excellent quality of Fuchs Umwelttechnik.

The weight-optimised design allows you to position the new KK625 optimally in any suitable place. Then, you simply lift up the three transparent Macrolon panels on the front of the device. And a bright workplace opens up in front of you. Turn the switch to ON and all emissions are sucked away from you, like in a funnel, through the extraction grille to the lower module.

Inside the KKF625, our TKFA05DS, an activated carbon gas filter with 4.8 kg special activated carbon absorbs the extracted pollutants. The built-in, compact medium pressure fan with EC-control provides the exactly appropriate air flow. After complete purification, the clean air is blown back out at the back of the device.

When you no longer need it, the KKF625 can be stored space-savingly until its next assignment.

Technical data:

Electrical data: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Motor data: 90 W - 0.88 A
Integrated temperature protection
Air volume: max. 680 m³/h
Static pressing: max. 580 Pa
Dimensions (folded up):
LxWxH in mm: 400x400x450
Space requirement unfolded:
LxWxH in mm: 850x600x450
Sound pressure level at a distance of 1 m: approx. 52 dB(A)