May 2023

Want to save space and optimise energy efficiency at the same time? Our work platform can do both

From the better utilisation of space to the optimised application efficiency of our spark quencher INRFUW15 on the MKFV device series – the newly developed INRFUW15UG work platform offers a whole bunch of advantages.

  • The pipes can be laid more directly and therefore shorter.
  • Shorter pipes mean higher energy efficiency. Because direct extraction routes with fewer diversions minimise losses.
  • Shorter pipe distances save costs due to use of less material.
  • Their higher position protects the pipes ideally from knocks and therefore from damage.
  • Less floor space is required. Valuable space is left free for other options.
  • Plug and Play – all fastening points of the work platform fit the respective device series. The platform is permanently foxed.

INRFUW15UG – more than just a high frame. It is the simple and consistent result of careful deliberation with know-how - to offer our customers the best possible solutions.