Extraction booth


  • Dusts from 3D printing
  • Dusts

The antistatic booth with the many fine details


  • Extraction booth for cleaning powder residues from components from 3D printing jobs with compressed air and generally as well as powder handling with reactive substances
  • Material: Aluminium frame, coated sheet-steel walls
  • Downward extraction through work grate grille with suction slits
  • Collection funnel with 1x extraction port of rated width 80 mm
  • 1x extraction port of rated width 80 mm with suction hose inside the booth
  • Antistatic booth version, feed and interfaces to the extraction device
  • Antistatic version Ignition source-free version
  • Smooth surfaces inside the booth prevent powder residues
  • Front windows made of laminated safety glass in quick-change frame
  • Lighting with protective glass
  • Reach-through with gloves
  • Fresh air nozzle in the door area and vacuum operation for low-dust door gap
  • 2-minute lag time with door locking
  • Flat gratings for easy removal
  • Easy chamber cleaning
  • Integrated blow-off nozzle with compressed air connection
  • Light switch operable from the outside
  • Prepared interface to the extraction device to ensure the lag time


  • Stationary use