Laser protection cabins

LSKA01 –

  • Safety in laser inscription of different components in automation lines
  • Recording and filtering of accruing emissions

The laser protection cabin: Close the door, turn the laser on and be safe

LSKA01 –

  • Laser class 4
  • High-quality model with aluminium profiles and sheet metal modules 2 mm in single-walled design, Performance Level D
  • 2 pneumatic lifting gates 500x500mm, incl. Cylinders, solenoid valves, non-contact limit switches and guide systems
  • Non-contact limit switch Performance Level D
  • Removable side panels for maintenance incl. switches, Performance Level D
  • Indicator light for operating states
  • Integration of roller track profile/covering track for a light-tight design
  • Switching to terminal box for connection to PLC
  • Laser safety certificate (tested design) for different inscription lasers)

LSKA01 –

  • Simple mounting on base frame
  • Connection for extraction point with suction nozzle and hose
  • Can be combined with many extraction and filter systems