May 2020

Newly developed MKFSD22S extraction nozzle slit

Aerodynamics over the whole width

Turning fluid dynamics into functional aerodynamics requires that finishing touch. We now present that finishing touch: the new MKFSD22S extraction nozzle slit.
It achieves a uniform extraction force over the whole width of 200 mm. With minimal pressure losses. This allows full, reliable coverage of larger areas such as laser inscriptions for example.
Made from sheet steel, our new MKFSD22S extraction nozzle slit in connection with antistatic hoses enables a completely antistatic inducible system. An additional plus.

- Flow-optimized nozzle slit of welded sheet steel
- Lower pressure losses and even extraction force distribution
- Slit size 200 x 5 mm
- For volume flow rates up to approx. 120 m³/h
- Dimensions LxWxH in mm: 210x117x106
- connection rated inside width 50 mm below 45°
- powder-coated RAL9005 structure