Jan 2018

CFK dusts and electrical components? This extraction booth prevents this critical combination

CFK production under exclusion of all risks for human resources, material and machine was part of the Fuchs Umwelttechnik engineers' specification. Their wide experience and know-how led to a practice-compatible development: The special extraction booth– efficient, economical and easy to operate.
The excess dusts of CFK parts can be blown off totally without risk by compressed air in the booth after the furnace process. Perfect flow conditions ensure extraction of all dust particles away from the worker towards the rear into the extraction wall. The integrated dust drawer for pre-separation of coarser particles enhances the economical operation of this safety device because it considerably prolongs the intervals for changing the filter elements. These coarse particles can be collected in special bags for contamination-free removal.
A drawer stop rail has been fitted to the rear for perfect handling. In addition, the Macrolon disc on the booth ceiling provides adequate brightness at the work place.
The slatted curtain closes off the extraction booth at the front.
This booth not only makes the work process safer and protects the electrical components against conductive dusts, but also the blowing off on the production racks also dispenses with intermediate steps - an advantage for optimised productivity.