Apr 2014

Improved Handling of the Extraction Unit MKFVA320 and MKFVA450

In the proven MKFVA320 and MKFVA450 extraction and filtering unit, the handling of the dust disposal and the filter replacement especially has been considerably improved. The contamination-free removal in the form of PE dust bags is now integrated and the total height of the unit has been reduced considerably as a result. The cover module can now be lifted up to change the filter.

A new model of the unit in the ATEX 95 version for extraction of normally ignition-sensitive inflammable dusts from Ex-zone 22 is available. Antistatic filters and measuring elements are used here in order to guarantee consistent avoidance of ignition sources.

Technical data

Connection values:

Filter equipment:

Compressed air connection:
Suction connection:


750 x 750 x 1.625 mm (L x W x H)
1.2/1.4 KW
Controllable air volume 100-450 m³/h max.
Static vacuum pressure 12,500 Pa max.
2 filter cartridges with 6 square metre filter area
1 floating particle filter H13 for circulating air
5 bar
max 76 dB(A)
1x NW 50 mm / 2x NW 50 mm
approx. 120 kg

Dusting device
Spark quenching module
CO2 extinguishing system with controller
Version according to ATEX 95 for Zone 22