Jun 2016

Lasys Stuttgart 2016

The trade fair for everyone working with high-quality laser systems and their solution components. For all those with a keen eye on the future. Our fair booth presents the progress to which Fuchs Umwelttechnik is making a significant contribution to shaping, with new generation devices, new developments and continuous improvements to details. The Fuchs Umwelttechnik LogikSystem is instrumental in this, allowing intricate, precision-engineered designs in extraction and filtering systems which are innovative and highly efficient in all assemblies – the ideal solution for every conceivable type of laser emission.

» Our contribution to Industry 4.0. this year:

Tablet control – an example of innovative efficiency using the Fuchs Umwelttechnik LogikSystem:
You have control over your extraction and filtering device from anywhere in the world thanks to our newly developed control module. Using a smartphone, tablet or notebook and an internet access, you can not only operate the device, but also communicate with central scheduling or maintenance departments.

» Other highlights at the fair booth:

INRVABE4 dusting module
With this new, more compact INRVABE4 module, a further development of classic systems, you get a low-cost unit for precoating and inerting. This can be integrated directly into the extraction and filtering unit or operated as an independent and mobile unit. The Fuchs Umwelttechnik LogikSystem also allows retrofitting.

MKFFUW5 spark quenching module
If sparks are sucked in despite all caution, such moments of danger are averted by this compact, universally applicable spark quenching module. Sucked in sparks are quenched by two stages.

IKF extraction and filtering device, the new development for higher volume flow rates.Thanks to new fan technology, the compact, mobile IKF now offers not only quieter operation, but also energy consumption that has been reduced by more than 30%!

TKFVA300 is the innovative extraction and filtering device for use where higher emission volumes need to be cleared. Also ideal for automated production lines. Automatic filter cleaning during operation and low-contamination removal of the cleaned dust characterise this device. It is one of the most compact devices in its class.

MKFVAF3 oil and emulsion mist pre-separator, the innovative new development for the effective separation of oil and emulsion mists in many different applications. The system is simply installed upstream of compact extraction devices.

MKFAKR1 extraction booth extracts dust and gas emissions from a wide variety of applications in a partially screened processing zone. The customer-specific design is custom-made and specially adapted. This is also a very compact and effective solution.

LSKZL01/02 – supply air curtains for flow-optimised air feed in rectangular or round laser enclosures for laser protection booths. The ideal and individual extension for effective and energy-efficient pollutant extraction.

INRV1700ATEX, the extraction and filtering device for a wide range of applications in explosive atmospheres. The device is ideal for extraction of normally ignition-sensitive inflammable dusts from Ex-Zone 22. Large emission volumes can be handled easily. This device also offers automatic filter cleaning during operation and the low-contamination dust removal.

Three trade fair days giving an insight into an exciting future.