Feb 2015

Limitation of damages in case of fire! The new fire extinguishing device for interchangeable filtering units (type KKF, TKFD, MKF and INR10)

Sometimes extraction is also necessary in critical situations and glowing material or sparks are sucked in despite all caution! But to rule out a fire in the device as far as possible, the new fire extinguishing device is triggered. This opens the bottle valve of the extinguishing agent tank via a solenoid switch. The suitable extinguishing agent (e.g. CO2) is sprayed through a high pressure hose and an extinguishing nozzle directly into the extraction and filtering unit. The oxygen is displaced and the fire is extinguished. At the same time the extraction and filtering unit switches off via a potential-free relay contact. The fire extinguishing device can also be triggered manually of course if required.

In order to keep damages to the unit to a minimum in an emergency, the optical sensor detects a fire in its development phase and triggers the fire extinguishing device immediately. Not only is a fire avoided but, after changing the filter elements and installing a freshly filled extinguishing agent tank, the extraction and filtering unit can also usually be put back into operation immediately.

Technical data

Dimensions (without extraction unit): 600 x 300 x 250 mm (L x W x H)
Epoxy resin powder-coated: in RAL 7035
Alarming: acoustic and optical
Thermal maximum alarm: at 70 °C
Safety device: Solenoid valve lock

This new fire extinguishing device ensures optimum damage limitation in case of fire.