Aug 2023

New flow-optimised extraction nozzle slits MKFSD12S and MKFSD21 – optimum capture at low energy consumption

Here, our engineering has made fluid dynamics functionally fit: The two new extraction nozzle slits MKFSD12S and MKFSD21 with their efficient air streaming are totally convincing.
Both versions extract all emissions totally evenly over the entire width of 120 or 210 mm. Pressure losses are minimised hereby by the sophisticated ducting.
This enables complete and reliable coverage of even larger areas such as for laser labellings. Ideal for optimum process and work safety.
3D-printing offers almost infinite design possibilities for this sophisticated interior design of our new extraction nozzle slits MKFSD12S and MKFSD21. Plus, the additional advantages such as quieter extraction noises, extremely low weight and reduced energy consumption due to the optimised air stream.
The features in detail:
- flow-optimised nozzle slit made by 3D-printing
- lower pressure losses and even extraction force distribution
- slit size approx. 120 or 200 x 5 mm
- for volume flow rates of approx. 80 - 300 m³/h
- dimensions l x w x h in mm: 120/210 x 117 x 106
- connection under 45° rated width 32/50 mm inside
- low weight